Hypochlorous Station 5 Value Package


Product Description

If you need large volumes of HypoChlorous, this Station 5 System is designed for you!

In a few hours you can make your own HypoChlorous on demand (5 Gallons at a time).

This size is recommended for Dog Kennels, Horse barns, gyms, car dealerships, retail stores etc.

Wherever you may need disinfection perfection! 

Application: Spray, wipe or fog.

Don’t worry, if you need 50 -250 gallon systems, we’ve got those as well!

2 – 5 Gallon Containers

1- 3⁄4” Spigot with Washer

1- Storage Cap

1 - Proprietary Maxx5 Activator 

1- Power Supply
1- Wall Plug Timer


1-200 ppm Strips Vial
1-pH Test Vial
20- 32oz trigger sprayers
1- STATION-5 Box
1-Instruction Manual /QR Code
25-12oz  additive bottles